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Becoming HER is my signature, lifelong access program that teaches women everything about self-mastery. It helps women create lasting change in their lives by mastering their self-awareness. In this coaching container I coach on mindset, emotional intelligence, energy, and life. It allows women to get out of their own way, turn off the autopilot survival mode, and do the work to become their highest selves.

 I am walking one of the greatest missions of my lifetime. When I think about the thousands of women my work can help, my soul could nearly explode — but I know I cannot do it alone. So much of my business has been built from people like you. I am talking about those who share my Facebook LIVES, write kind posts about my work, tag me when someone wants a coaching recommendation, every time my podcast is shared, or when you refer your friends in need of a life coach to my business. *Insert tears & all the feels.* 

For months I have racked my brain in how to deeply express my gratitude towards you. When Covid-19 hit, something in me shifted. I realized quickly that life is short, unpredictable, and our mental health is more important than anything. I started thinking about the kind of woman I desire to be in my business. I want to be the business woman that gives back & makes an impact on multiple levels. I want to create a ripple. Late one night, the idea for The Referral Program popped into my brain. “Why didn’t I incorporate this sooner?” I guess it’s better late than never, right?!

I want to make the journey of building this community, that I so strongly believe in, even more exciting and fun! Because this work is bigger than me; this work helps women take back their power & become mentally and emotionally free. So I proudly present, the referral program. An opportunity for you (and anyone else) to earn commissions as a thank you for your referrals. Let’s change the world! 

With love,
Macie Renae


Becoming HER has been the best investment I have ever done for myself! I felt lost and was not happy in certain situations in my life with family and especially in my relationship. I was truly struggling with myself in being the person I knew I was before; someone who was strong, did not accept things I knew did not work for me, and just overall satisfaction. One day I came across Macie via iTunes Podcasts as I was researching for various Life Coaching podcasts. I eventually located Macie’s Facebook Page and the Becoming Her program. Initially I was hesitant and wondered if I would move forward or not. During this time I was also going through some major issues in my relationship and was not myself. I decided to take my power and life back! I enrolled into the Becoming Her program and not only have support from a group of beautiful women who have similar struggles I have, but I have learned how to take my life back into my hands. I am learning every week something that helps with revitalizing the beautiful woman I know I was before and meant to be. Without Becoming Her, without Macie and her coaching, and without the ladies, I do not think I would have the strength to move forward!

Rosemary A.

“I’ve been coaching with Macie for around 3 years in one capacity or another. The variety of options she provides and her style of coaching are exceptional. Whether it be group coaching, 1:1 calls, or in person with a reiki session, I always leave feeling better than when I went in. Macie always holds space, helps you explore, asks the hard questions, and guides without judgement. Committing to Macie’s Becoming HER program was one of the best investments I’ve ever made and one of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself. Having lifetime access to inspirational content, educational material, resources and training at any moment of any day is truly invaluable! Thank you Macie for helping me to continue to grow, heal, and move toward the highest version of myself that I desire to be.”

Kimberly D.


"Macie’s coaching container and group, Becoming HER, has, in many ways, been my accountability partner. After working through some challenging and painful hurdles with Macie in 1:1 coaching, I wanted to wipe my hands of all things. In other words, I wanted to ditch “the work,” go back to my comfy comfort zone, and move on with life. My autopilot brain had taken over and was trying to convince me that the work was done. But, I knew that was far from true. I knew that I needed to unearth and rewire all the things that had led me to the very place that I was prior to my starting coaching in the first place. Joining Becoming HER was that next step for me. The program keeps me aware of my mind drama and holds me accountable to continue working towards my highest self. The community of women not only provides amazing support and encouragement, but it reminds you that you are not alone in this journey. The weekly coaching topics have given me great insights into the areas I still need to put in the work and ensures I am staying committed to my journey. And I know that if I get stuck or get in my own way, Macie is just a phone call away to help me work through it. I don’t always make the time to fully commit to my journey, but the program is always available. The community of women, along with Macie, is always available. The opportunity for growth is always available. I love that it meets me where I’m at yet pushes me to go further." 

Crystal B.

 "I have been working with Macie for 2 months now in her Becoming HER coaching container (which also allowed me access into her 12-week INNER MASTERY course). Macie is such a light. Her energy is so authentic and she has really opened me up to things I didn't realize I was holding back. I have already seen a transformation in my life from her programs and can't wait to see how I continue to transform. I'm so thankful our paths crossed and I was able to take the leap of faith and join Macie."

Aimey G.

Course Pricing

The Referral Program is my way of saying "thank you." So much of my business is built through word of mouth and referrals. When you join my Referral Program, you will be provided a unique link.

Imagine a friend of yours is looking for a coach. You've seen my LIVES, you've listened to my podcast, and you think I may be a good fit for your friend. You tell them about me, they reach out, and they decide to join my Becoming HER program.

Once their payment hits my account, 10% will automatically be withdrawn and deposited into YOUR account. 

Anyone who enrolls will earn 10% commission on referrals who join Becoming HER - The Coaching Container for Self Mastery.

Below are the actual earning breakdowns for you per referral: 

(1) If your referral pays-in-full for Becoming HER ($2,555). You earn $255.50.
(2) If they choose monthly payment plan A. ($697/mo for 4 mo). You earn $69.70 for 4 months, totaling $278.80
(2) If they choose monthly payment plan B. ($333/mo for 9 mo). You earn $33.30 for 9 months, totaling $299.70.

If you are a client IN the Becoming HER program, your commission is raised to 15% commission per referral. (This is simply because the clients inside of Becoming HER can speak and share from real experience. They are living and breathing the work daily.)

The breakdown for Becoming HER clients are:

(1)  Pay-in-full earnings: $383.25
(2) Earn 4 payments of $104.55, totaling $418.20
(3) Earn 9 payments of $49.95, totaling $449.55

Nope! No limit on referrals. I truly appreciate the people who share who I am and/or my work. Much of my business has been built from referrals and expressing gratitude by giving back in this way feels good to me. COVID-19 taught me life is short and very unpredictable; I want to make an impact and a difference.

My mission is to help women create lasting change in their life. I am building a self-mastery coaching container where thousands of women can learn the work to BECOME empowered mentally, emotionally, and energetically. It's a big mission and I can't do it alone.

The $4.44 fee is what creates your account so you can be paid commissions and provides your unique link to share with referrals! Also, “444” stands for abundance! 

Macie will contact you after your account is set up so she can provide you the unique link that is generated for you! If someone has met Macie because of you, make sure you ask them to use your link if they decide to pursue Becoming HER. You can also give them your link personally. If someone has been referred, Macie now has a reminder on her website before they purchase to say, “hey, if you were referred, ask your friend if they have a “refer a friend” link!”